Colorado Avalanche Pick MacKinnon As the No.1 in NHL Drafts

NHL teams made their picks in the annual NHL Draft on Sunday. The Colorado Avalanche selected Nathan MacKinnon as the No. 1 pick. The Avalanche made their intentions clear just few weeks before the draft.

There is lot of speculation about selecting Seth Jones by Colorado Avalanche but they stayed true to their word and selected MacKinnon as the first one.

Nathan MacKinnon

“I’ve dreamed about this moment for the majority of my life. To be part of an organization like his is surreal,” he said.

Nathan has been followed by NHL scouts for long time and he is always risen to the occasion, said Joe Sakic- the executive VP of the hockey operations. As Nathan is the most promising player of the draft, Colorado Avalanche didn’t think of any other player.

“I think if you think about it too much, you’re just going to psyche yourself out. You can’t expect to save any franchise,” said MacKinnon before the draft.

In 2005 the Pittsburgh Penguins selected Cole Harbour native Sidney Crosby. It’s a coincidence that Nathan MacKinnon and Crosby come from the same city, but there is lot to know about how the top young hockey players developed from the small city.

Crosby is the one of the all-time great players and a best all-round player. It was known fact that Pittsburgh Penguins would pick him as No.1 in 2005. But it’s not the same with the Nathan MacKinnon. However, MacKinnon has two great assets such as overwhelming first-step quickness and the skilled hands to take advantage of the opportunities that his speed brings him.

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